Clinical Characteristics And Experiences Of A Healthcare Professional Tested Covid-19 Positive Twice: Case Report

Lecturer Orhan Çakır

In addition to the negative changes occurring in the social and economic order in the society, the COVID-19 epidemic has also caused such feelings as uncertainty, fear, concern and anxiety in people and has evolved into a threat for the overall public health. It is getting harder every day to cope with this epidemic that threatens humanity in all aspects. Healthcare professionals take the biggest responsibility in this fight against the virus. During the course of this on-going pandemic, healthcare professionals have represented and still goes on representing a universal army. While healthcare professionals are struggling to manage the process in order to keep the healthcare system alive, they also have to cope with their own emotions and experiences due to the process they are going through. Nurses and other healthcare professionals wear out more as the pandemic is prolonged, and tend to feel powerless due to negative situations and losses occuring. It is thought that it is important to determine their inner feelings, experiences and thoughts of nurses who are responsible for the care of patients infected with COVID19 in each unit of hospitals so that the system can be maintained with full functions in the health systems. This study was carried out to reveal the feelings, thoughts and experiences of an emergency service nurse, who is in a key position in the combat against the pandemic and who has tested positive for COVID-19 twice.

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