Analogue and Digital Analysis of The Effects of Some Parameters in Determination of The Best Experimental Energy Resolution

Assist. Prof. Elif Ebru Ermiş

The gamma-ray energy spectrum of 137 Cs was obtained according to different parameters such as preamplifier capacitance, the amplifier’s coarse gain level, power supply voltage for the detector, and source-to-detector distance. This investigation was performed with both analogue and digital methods. In order to examine the effects of these parameters on energy resolution, a NaI(Tl) inorganic scintillation detector was used. In addition, the gamma energy spectrum of the radioisotope was obtained by means of FLUKA, which is one of the Monte Carlo simulation programmes. Energy resolution of the detector by these 3 methods was calculated. These resolution values were compared with each other. Effects of the parameters above on the resolutions from analogue and digital methods were discussed.

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