A Different Way to Determine The Gamma-Ray Linear Attenuation Coefficients of Materials

Assist. Prof. Elif Ebru Ermiş

In this work, gamma-ray linear attenuation coefficients of plexiglass, bakelite and Pb materials were determined to offer an alternative method for determining the gamma-ray linear attenuation coefficients of materials. Pulse shape discrimination (PSD) timing method was utilized for this purpose. 662 keV-energy photopeak radiations were used from 137Cs radioisotope. In the experiments, slow energy signals were gated from fast timing signals, coincidently. Pure photopeak signals triggered by timing signals were used in the determination of attenuation coefficients. To check the validity of the obtained experimental results, in addition, the coefficients were also calculated by Xcom code. Obtained experimental coefficients were compared with the calculated values from Xcom code and reference results.

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