Obtaining The 137Cs Gamma Spectrum by Multi-Pixel Photon Counter

Assist. Prof. Elif Ebru Ermiş

In this study, direct spectrum of 137Cs standard gamma source was obtained using multi–pixel photon counter (MPPC). Since this spectrum remained within the system noise, the gamma spectrum was not observed. In order to prevent this, a novel method was proposed. By the help of the method, the system noise that occurred in the spectrum was highly reduced, and thus the gamma peak that was not distinguished in the spectrum was revealed prominently. By the present study, it has been shown that MPPC can be used more efficiently in acquiring the gamma spectrum. It has been concluded that the spectra of different types of standard gamma sources can be acquired by this device through the proposed method here. Consequently, a different method to acquire a gamma spectrum cleaned by the electronic noise with better resolution by the MPPC was proposed.

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