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Born in 1969 in the Boğazlıyan District of Yozgat, Dr. Mehmet BN Bektur completed his primary education in Kayseri and Izmir, and his secondary education at Bornova Anatolian High School. He continued his education at Ege University Faculty of Medicine, where he settled in 1987, and completed his undergraduate education in 1993. He then graduated from Dokuz Eylül University, Department of Business Administration, Health Management Master Program.



Dr. Bektur started his career in Afyon, which is a compulsory service place. While continuing his duty at Seferihisar State Hospital, he established the Buca Solution Polyclinic and then the Buca Medical Center and left his duty in the state. He continued his initiatives in the health sector with Private Tınaztepe Hospital, which he opened in İzmir Buca in 2010.


Dr. Bektur, as the Chairman of Tınaztepe Health Group, added Private Tınaztepe Torbalı Hospital in 2017 and Private Tınaztepe Galen Hospitals in 2019 to its pioneering institutions that provide health services to İzmir at international standards. Tınaztepe Health Group, of which he is the Chairman of the Board of Directors; It provides an important resource and adds value to İzmir by responding to the demands coming from other provinces of our country and abroad, as well as İzmir, with its modern, effective, efficient and ethical health service approach.


In addition to his outstanding service and success in the health sector, he carried the Bucaspor Club, which he presided in the past, to the Super League (2010-2011 season) for the first time in its history and achieved success in the field of sports.


He is a member of the Advisory Board of Izmir International Biomedicine and Genome Institute. Following the values ​​he brought to İzmir and Buca, Mehmet Bektur also pioneered the establishment of the first and only health-themed university in the region in order to convey the knowledge and experience of more than 20 years of Tınaztepe Health Group as a qualified information resource. In this direction, he is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Izmir Tınaztepe University and includes research, development and application centers in our region; It continues to work towards establishing a specialized university that will be a knowledge economy, innovation and patent base.