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Dear Youth,


It is our ultimate principle to ensure that the young have a life full of health, quality, and worth since we believe that investments in the field of education are investments for our future.

As the first and only healthcare-themed university of the region, İzmir Tınaztepe University has been opened to achieve its mission to become a higher education institution that is focused mostly on hands-on education primarily in health sciences and in all other branches of science while also serving in accordance with the national and universal standards and supporting entrepreneurship with innovative researches. This mission of ours guides us in our student-oriented, problem- and integration-based unique and universal education modality to raise conscious, professional, investigative and achieved scientists equipped with humanitarian and ethical values so that the healthcare system is fully equipped with quality healthcare professionals.

Founded by Tınaztepe Health Group, İzmir Tınaztepe University will convey the volume of quality knowledge and unique experiences that it has gained over twenty years and guide the future without needing affiliation and by standing together with all its students.

We are here to create a promising future and rise primarily in the field of medicine internationally and to become a university that will serve as a hub of information economy, innovation and patent while also facilitating university-industry-environment collaboration with our research, development and application centers, specialization techno-park, as well as with our academic departments. To start, we as Tınaztepe Health Group have brought health to the region and are now proceeding to light up the future with the healthcare professionals that we have trained. We are therefore calling out to our students that Tınaztepe is by their side while they are shaping up the future.

We are excited to have opened the doors for education during the 2020-2021 academic year to achieve our ideal of enlightening the universe and the humanity with the healthcare professionals we will raise. Finally, I would like to extend my sincerest wishes to you all for an academic year full of success.


Dr. Mehmet Bektur

President of the Board of Trustees

As the first healthcare-themed university in İzmir, we will raise prospective physicians, nurses, midwives, physiotherapists, dietitians and healthcare technicians at our Medical Faculty, Faculty of Health Sciences, and Vocational School of Healthcare Services.


We have the academic staff and the field of application that you need to become real professionals.

We have created a strong team of academic staff members who are knowledgeable, achieved, guiding, and eager to teach how to learn. Tınaztepe Health Group, for whom patient satisfaction has been the priority throughout its continuous development, has an extensive and comprehensive infrastructure of healthcare services thanks to its 20-year experience. We are creating a fast-improving cozy and peaceful campus to make sure that our students are happy and successful.


We have created a systematic education program consisting of an integrated system of Medical Faculty, Faculty of Healthcare Sciences, and Vocational School of Healthcare Services. In our student-oriented education modality, it is aimed at training students both through theoretical teaching and hands-on courses and internships where they will acquire the knowledge and skills they need to become real professionals at our own university hospitals.


Today, increased environmental pollution and corruption in natural life have resulted in varying health problems and life-threatening conditions. To be able to cope with these varying and complicated health problems, we need to act sophisticatedly and humanely and on the basis of professional knowledge and skills. We therefore offer an education program that also involves cultural and art courses to support intellectual thinking and sophistication.


Today, we have an ever greater need for raising individuals who know that their job is to protect people and keep them alive, respect all people and all living things while also sustaining peace and serenity at their workplaces.

We intend to raise authentically knowledgeable individuals who are capable of learning how to learn, keeping up to speed, using technology efficiently and effectively, protecting people’s and the society’s health, making accurate diagnoses and administering necessary treatment in adherence to ethical values, acting with a spirit of teamwork, communicating effectively, approaching events and the outer world with no bias, and maintaining an investigative and professionally-improving character throughout their life.


This perspective ensures that we will achieve by standing together.





Prof. Mustafa Güvençer

Deputy Rector