• Physiotherapy



Thanks to current modern medical practices, methods to fight against diseases have become sophisticated and life expectancy has increased significantly. The number of the elderly and people with chronic diseases has therefore increased dramatically. According to the data of the EU and Turkey, 15% of the world population have a disability and there are one billion people with disabilities across the world.

In the last century, “Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation” has come forward in the field of internal medicine and terms such as “physiotherapy and rehabilitation” have gained importance. Physiotherapy is a scientifically-dynamic sector that continuously updates itself in line with technological developments. With the increasing number of individuals with innate or acquired disabilities and the effects of modern life on people’s health, there emerged a need for assistant healthcare professionals in the field of rehabilitation across the world and in Turkey. İzmir Tınaztepe University has therefore opened the Physiotherapy Program to raise the quality human resources who are equipped with current-technological professional knowledge and skills in medicine.

The Physiotherapy Program that was opened within İzmir Tınaztepe University Vocational School of Healthcare Services is a 2-year associate degree program. The program is intended to train the assistant healthcare professionals needed for physical therapy practices of treating pain and function disorders caused by injuries, disabilities, musculoskeletal system disorders, and various other diseases. Graduates earn the title of “Physiotherapy Technician” as technicians equipped with up-to-date technological knowledge and skills and become an important member of the physiotherapy team.


Employment After Graduation:

Physiotherapy Technicians can work at national and international inpatient or outpatient treatment centers (university, public hospitals, etc.), branch-specific healthcare centers, private healthcare institutions, at-home care centers, athlete health centers, professional and amateur sport clubs, elderly care centers and thermal facilities, hotels for healthcare tourism, orthosis and prosthesis production and rehabilitation centers.

Working environments are clean and slient spaces. They work in coordination with patients, physicians and physiotherapists and by using the treating tools installed at physiotherapy units. 

Departments for External Transfer:

Graduates of the program can have their external transfer for the departments of “Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation”, “Nursing”, “Nursing and Healthcare Services” completed to earn an undergraduate degree.

Medium of Instruction: Turkish