• Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy services: all the duties, authorities, responsibilities and functions in promoting health, rehabilitating the diseases, as well as providing drugs, products sold with health claims and medical supplies.

The main educational and learning objectives in the training given in the pharmacy services department are:

To understand the professional duties and responsibilities of the pharmacy technician.

To be able to use the professional and applied lesson/course information received during the education in working life.

To be able to understand the professional legal legislation related to the field.

To have professional ethical values and deontology knowledge.

To be able to use the necessary communication and sales techniques while practicing their profession.

To be conscious of individual awareness in social and cultural sense.

To be able to understand the importance of environmental health, public health and occupational health and safety issues.

Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Technician

Under the supervision, responsibility and control of the pharmacist:

Takes part in the supply, storage and presentation of prescription and non-prescription drugs, medical products, cosmetic products, medical supplies and other health-related products offered in the pharmacy.

Checks the expiration dates and stocks of these products: detects the deficiencies and takes charge of their proper storage and record keeping.

Maintains and ensures the functionality of the devices in the pharmacy and the pharmacy laboratory.

Performs the duties assigned by the pharmacist regarding the administrative and financial processes of the pharmacy.

Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Technician Workspaces

Pharmacy technicians, who are healthcare professionals, can work in all the fields below:

Community Pharmacy

Hospital Pharmacy-Public and Private-

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industry

Medical Device Industry

Pharmaceutical Warehouses