• Department of Pediatric Dentistry

Department of Pediatric Dentistry

Department of Pedodontics deals with all preventive and therapeutic applications for the oral and dental health of babies, children and adolescents aged 0-15. The very first oral and dental examinations of children, preventive applications to inhibit dental caries, restoration of damaged teeth and the, treatment and follow-up of dental injuries caused by trauma are performed by the Department of Pedodontics.

Preventive interferences such as, applying fissure sealants to protect permanent teeth from caries formation; vital restorative or endodontic treatments in deciduous and young permanent teeth such as filling applications, amputation procedures and root canal treatments; monitoring the growth and development of the jaws; application of placeholder or child prosthesis to replace the extracted teeth; protective and preventive orthodontic approaches, regenerative endodontic applications, preventive and treating interferences for disabled patients; dental treatments under sedation and general anesthesia are all within the scope of the Pedodontics Department.