• Pathology Laboratory Techniques

Pathology Laboratory Techniques

Pathology Laboratory Techniques

Have basic knowledge about the normal structure and functions of tissues.

Analyze the basic knowledge acquired at the cell and tissue level

Applies laboratory safety rules and creates a safe laboratory environment

Gains proficiency in recognizing devices related to his/her professional field and fixing simple problems.

Uses professional field terminology effectively.

Knows histopathological tissue tracking methods and solves problems

Have sufficient knowledge about storage, archiving and laboratory safety.

Uses histopathological basic theoretical knowledge.

He has basic scientific knowledge in his field and knows the ways of accessing information in his professional life.

Knows how to act in accordance with the legal regulations related to the field

Pathology Laboratory Techniques

Post Graduation Job Opportunities:

Pathology laboratories of universities, state and private hospitals,

Private pathology laboratories,

In "Pathology Laboratories" within the body of other health institutions and organizations in the public and private sector

Pathology Laboratories in forensic medicine institutions

In Faculty of Medicine Histology Laboratories

They can work in Molecular Pathology Laboratories.