• First Aid and Emergency Care

First Aid and Emergency Care

First Aid and Emergency Care

Pre-hospital emergency healthcare services and the First and Emergency Aid Technicians (Paramedics), which are the most important component of emergency services, have been raised in Turkey since 1993. Since accidents and traumas occur frequently and are the most common cause of death, it is known that the most important factor to reduce mortality is the human resource raised to administer accurate practices and methods. İzmir Tınaztepe University has therefore started the First and Emergency Aid Program whose mission and vision is to raise quality human resources for healthcare services.

The First and Emergency Aid Technicians Program that was opened within İzmir Tınaztepe University Vocational School of Healthcare Services is a 2-year associate degree program initiated to this end. The goal of the program is to raise quality healthcare technicians who are competent enough to identify and solve health problems as part of pre-hospital emergency healthcare services, to provide patients and the injured with basic and advanced life support, to identify any system trauma and administer the appropriate emergency approach, to make sure that patients or the injured are safely transported to hospital by ambulance following their first intervention.

İzmir Tınaztepe University is a student-oriented “health-themed” university. The department offers its students hands-on training and research opportunities at the four hospitals of Tınaztepe Health Group that admit high number of patients. The First and Emergency Aid Technicians Program aims at raising professionally competent technicians ready for professional life together with its team of knowledgeable trainers and practitioners and in a teaching setting where students can present their scientific projects.

First Aid and Emergency Care

Employment After Graduation:

Students complete professional practices and internships required by the program and earn their associate degree diploma along with the title of “First and Emergency Aid Technician (Paramedic)”.

There are a wide variety of employment opportunities for this profession in the healthcare sector. They can be employed by state hospitals or private ambulance companies and private hospitals’ emergency services. They can also work in fields where there is a need for first and emergency aid services (search and rescue units of the firefighting departments within municipalities, private hospitals, private companies, sports contests, airports, and beaches and pools if trained as lifeguard).

Departments for External Transfer:

Students graduating from our program can have their external transfer for the departments of “Emergency Aid and Disaster Management” and “Nursing” completed to earn an undergraduate degree.

Medium of Instruction: Turkish 

Admission Score Type: General Proficiency Test (TYT)