Early Postoperative Candida Colonization in Alimentary Canal in Patients Undergoing Open Heart Surgery

Aim To examine the frequency and factors predisposing to candidiasis in the digestive tract in the early postop- erative period after open heart surgery. Metbods. One hundred patients undergoing open heart surgery were enrolled in this study. Patients were divid- ed into 2 groups in regard to Candida spp. coloniza- tion. Group A means increased Candida spp. coloniza- tion after open heart surgery (31/100). Group B indi cates unchanged Candida spp. colonization after open heart surgery (69/100). Samples were obtained from both oral and anal mucosa in 3 different periods of oper- ation: 1) preoperatively (stage 1), 2) at the end of the first hour in the intensive care unit (stage 2), 3) 24 hours after operation (stage 3). Findings were compared with both preoperative and intraoperative parameters. For fungal isolation Sabourauds dextrose agar and blood agar were used.

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