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"In line with the mission, vision, goals and objectives of our university; in the fields of education, scientific research and social service; to be effective, efficient, competitive, to focus on superior performance, to target international recognition and prestige, to improve all processes together with internal and external stakeholders, and to ensure the continuity of development.

As Izmir Tınaztepe University, in line with today's total quality management systems;

¬ Initiating the processes of obtaining quality certificates such as ISO 9001,

¬ Creation of job descriptions and work flow charts for all systems and subsystems

¬ Formation of the entire academic and administrative structure in a way that will improve education and research activities,

Development and supervision of performance criteria for all education, training, academic and administrative systems,

We have started to carry out our education and research activities with an innovative approach.

In Total Quality Management; “We aim to satisfy the needs of all our stakeholders, believing that it is a philosophy of change that focuses on problem solving based on teamwork in the process, rather than product or end-of-service quality issues, in order to meet the needs of stakeholders.

In addition to this, it is our goal to firstly organize a quality system within the institution in order to ensure external stakeholder satisfaction, and within this framework, it will be our goal to create a quality system model in line with internal stakeholder requirements and prepare quality system documentation accordingly.