• Operating Room Services

Operating Room Services

Operating Room Services

Operating rooms are dynamic units of hospitals that provide non-stop and continuous services for 24 hours. With the advancement in medicine, scientific and technological developments in treatment and care are also accelerating. The number of patients undergoing surgical treatment has dramatically increased within the last decade due to the fast pace of the technological developments. Development of new approaches and techniques of surgery has introduced new responsibilities to the members of surgical teams. It is the most basic responsibility of healthcare professionals that each and every patient admitted to operating room are provided with the high-quality safe medical care. Moreover, it is another essential goal of operating rooms that surgical techniques and technologies are improved and parameters such as patient rights, patient/employee safety, and life quality are observed meticulously and in accordance with the standards in place. These goals have rendered initiation of the operating room services program necessary. It has been foreseen that it would be necessary to train operating room technicians who are capable of acting consciously with a spirit of teamwork and who will make sure that patients have improved life quality during the preoperative, peroperative and postoperative periods. 

İzmir Tınaztepe University is a student-oriented “health-themed” university. The department offers its students hands-on training and research opportunities at the four hospitals of Tınaztepe Health Group that admit high number of patients.  The Operating Room Services Program aims at raising professionally competent professionals ready for professional life together with its team of knowledgeable trainers and practitioners and in a teaching setting where students can present their scientific projects.

The Operating Room Services Program of İzmir Tınaztepe University Vocational School of Healthcare Services aims at training qualified healthcare technicians (operating room technicians) who will be preferred by public and private sectors and are capable of problem-solving, critical-thinking, following operating room techniques, effective communication, adhering to ethical values, attaching importance to teamwork, acquiring a internationally-recognized level of professional knowledge, developing projects and events by following the scientific researches in the field, respecting human rights, and meeting the surgical needs in Turkey.

Operating Room Services

Employment After Graduation:

There has been an increasing need for operating room technicians since the number of graduates from the operating room services program is low, while the number of private hospitals is increasing. There is a high chance of employment since hospitals are in need of healthcare professionals who have been trained specifically in this field.

Graduates can work to assist specialists of surgical branches in operating rooms of public and private healthcare institutions, sterile processing departments, endoscopy rooms, and units administering dental surgical treatment. There is also the opportunity of being employed by our institution, which is a leading health group.

Departments for External Transfer:

Students graduating from our program can have their external transfer for the Department of Nursing completed to earn an undergraduate degree.

Medium of Instruction: Turkish