• Midwifery



Midwives are reliable healthcare professionals that cooperate with consult women to offer maternal care at all stages of pregnancy and childbirth and during postpartum period, to help women give birth, and to offer neonatal care.

Midwives offer healthcare consultancy and training, sexual and reproductive health services, as well as organize and implement training programs on how to prepare for pregnancy, and preparations programs for parenting and childbirth. They are of critical importance in following up fertile women in terms of their reproductive health to make sure that they sustain a quality, productive and healthy lifestyle. Midwives are important healthcare professionals that are important not only for women but also for society and families. Standing as the foundation of sturdy and stable healthcare systems, midwives undertake important roles in activities of gender equality. Midwives are also of support for women in times of natural disasters and emergency. Midwives are acting resiliently and courageously to fulfil their responsibilities in countries facing humanitarian crises and affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Department of Midwifery of İzmir Tınaztepe University Faculty of Health Sciences is an undergraduate degree program of 4 years. The department is intended to raise well-equipped and investigative midwives who embrace the basic theories and principles of the profession and have the basic knowledge and skills and who are also capable of asking questions, expressing themselves with self-confidence, and eager to change. The department is also intended to train leading midwives who are capable of early recognition of the risky situations that women might face at any stage of their lives and making individual plans using the most appropriate approaches to protect,treat, reintroduce, and sustain health. Students who graduate from this department earn the title “Midwife”.

The goal of the department is to become a department that approaches the society with a wholistic and humane perspective and in adherence to legal, professional and ethical values and is nationally and internationally recognized, appreciated and preferred with its high-level services and scientific researches that will protect and improve health and meet care needs at all stages of life.

İzmir Tınaztepe University is a student-oriented “health-themed” university. The department offers its students hands-on training and research opportunities at the four hospitals of Tınaztepe Health Group that admit high number of patients. With its strong academic team, the Department of Midwifery is looking forward to welcoming prospective midwives who will be ready and competent for professional life, organize training and scientific events in national and international arenas, and contribute to and lead the events organized.


Courses Offered at the Department of Midwifery

Along with the basic science and profession-specific courses offered at the Department of Midwifery, there are also laboratory practices of the experimental topics that require some skills. Along with the basic medical sciences such as psychology, anatomy, parasitology, biochemistry, physiology, and genetics, there are also other courses concerning the profession such as basic principles and practices of midwifery, health education, community service practices, family-planning methods, women’s health and diseases, protection of health and health policies, prenatal care, childbirth, postpartum care.


Employment After Graduation: In addition to clinics, operating rooms, and delivery rooms, etc. within the hospitals of the Ministry of Health, basic health services, private healthcare centers and university hospitals, clinics, midwives can also offer training and consultancy at specific units such as hospital administration, training unit, infection control committee, quality unit, patient rights unit, hospital supervising unit, in vitro fertilization, family planning, and schools/childbirth preparation classes for pregnant women, as well as private healthcare centers they own.

The education offered for students by our university will allow them to be employed easily at any location in Turkey, as well as to work abroad and be admitted for master’s and doctoral degree programs in Turkey and abroad.

Medium of Instruction: Turkish 

Admission Score Type: Science