• Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy

He has the knowledge of accessing, monitoring and evaluating scientific knowledge in his field by using the necessary educational technologies and resources.

Evaluates and interprets the source, limits, accuracy, reliability and validity of the knowledge gained in the field.

At the end of the training, he/she improves communication, speech, language, voice and swallowing health at personal and social level and uses them for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disorders.

In line with the knowledge gained, he/she carries out his/her own professional and academic studies, communicates effectively with other professional members and works as a team member by cooperating with the team and assumes responsibility.

Takes initiatives to protect public health; contributes to the development of health policies according to the differentiating and diversifying needs of the society in the field of speech and language therapy.

By following the technological developments, it provides quality service in its field and keeps records and prepares reports for studies; participates in all phases of research and project implementation.

Using the knowledge and skills he has gained, he practices in line with ethical principles; Modifies or terminates the process and application as needed.

Defines, knows and uses professional computer programs, technological diagnosis, treatment and training tools.

Using the theoretical and applied concepts and principles in his field, he makes the necessary evaluation, definition and planning in speech therapy practices.

With its lifelong learning, problem solving and critical thinking skills, it contributes to quality improvement, training and promotion programs related to the field, and exhibits its professional behavior at an international level.

Communicate nationally and internationally, verbally and in writing, on professional issues related to his field.

Speech and Language Therapy

Post Graduation Job Opportunities:

They can work in Public and Private Hospitals, family health centers.

They are employed in nursing homes, Rehabilitation Centers, Official or Private Education Centers.

Ministry of National Education Guidance Counseling Services Centers etc. are employed in institutions.

They can progress academically in universities.

They can open their own center/clinic.