Critical Care Approaches In A Geriatric Patient Diagnosed With Covid-19; A Case Report

Lecturer Orhan Çakır

Following the examination of the cases encountered in Wuhan / China where the epidemic originated, it is seen that the patients who died due to Covid are older than the survivors and are present with more chronic diseases. There are approximately 7.5 million geriatric individuals in our country. While cough, shortness of breath, fever and flank pain , which are signs of COVID-19 related lung infection, are observed in these cases, such symptoms and indications as confusion, hypotension, tachypnea, difficulty in walking and decreased mobility, difficulty swallowing, decreased appetite and urinary / fecal incontinence can also be seen. Based on this information, in this study, it is aimed to present the critical care approaches of the geriatric patient diagnosed with COVID-19 and nursing interventions according to the North American Association of Nursing Diagnoses.

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