About Us

About Us

İzmir Tınaztepe University Galen Research Center, the first research center of İzmir Tınaztepe University to focus on life sciences and health, which was established as the first university with a health theme in the Aegean Region in İzmir, which has been an important medical center since ancient times, İZTÜ Galen Research Center was opened on September 9, 2021. Excellence in translational research in life sciences and health, and competence in the development of innovative medical technologies are among the strategic priorities of IZTU. In this context, Galen Research Center, named after Galen, who was born in İzmir-Bergama, one of the pioneers of medicine and pharmacy, continues its activities under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Mehmet ÖZTÜRK and Prof. Dr. Neşe ATABEY.

Galen from Pergamon (b. 129-d. 216), in different languages Claude Galen, Galenos,Galenus, Calinus who grew up in Bergama during the Ancient Roman Empire and later continued his duty in Rome, is one of the foremost scientists trained by Izmir. He is a medical doctor, scientist, and philosopher. He is the founder of experimental physiology and the first sports physician of the Roman world. He also developed new theories in the field of pharmacology, and his principles have been taught as a "Galenic" course in modern Pharmacy Faculties.

As IZTU, we chose to honor Galen by naming our first research facility after him since he believed in the power of applied sciences to draw on "experience," as well as in the power of basic sciences to draw from "creativity."

IZTU Galen Research Center is primarily responsible for conducting research on prevention, diagnosis and treatment in the field of personalized medicine, developing innovative biotechnology products and providing laboratory services.

Studies in the center will be carried out on a project basis. In order to achieve this, projects based on scientific and technological collaborations with the faculty members of the Faculty of Medicine and other faculties of the institution, as well as national and international public and private sector institutions and organizations, will be implemented in line with the objectives of the center. The center will train academicians, post-doctoral researchers, doctoral and graduate students in the field of personalized medicine, also support İZTU undergraduate students to conduct research, and contribute to the training of technicians in the field of health sciences.

We invite scientists working in the fields of Medicine, Pharmacy and Life Sciences to work in our Center, which aims to form a young, strong and dynamic staff, as well as establishing scientific collaborations with the IZTU GALEN Research Center.